Braj Ras - Bliss of Braj Vrindavan

Braj Ras - Bliss of Braj Vrindavan

All the Rasik Saints of Braj unanimously declare that the Bliss of Braj Vrindavan is the highest in the entire divine realm. Desire to taste this bliss-nectar is a very confidential matter in the path of devotion to Shri Radha Krishn. This website is an infinitesimal effort in distributing the magnificence of the divine bliss and various places of Braj Dham through different material attempts by creating Presentations, Photos, Videos, etc. One can also read various divine pastimes written by Rasik Saints of Braj. As of now, the website is in two languages i.e Hindi and English. Mobile application is also under development. One more heart touching initiative is, 'Virtual Braj Yatra' (under development), where one can feel as if one is physically relishing the divinity of Braj Dham. I hope that the initiatives may help in bringing devotional charm in the hearts of millions.
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