My Apologies

I prepared this website and youtube channel for convenience of those sincere aspirants and devotees of Shri Radha Krishn, who are deprived of relishing the bliss of Braj Dham. This website can help you understand the divine glories of Shri Braj Vrindavan Dham, 84 Kos places of Braj Dham, pastimes of Shri Radha Krishn and poems, verses etc written by Rasik saints of Braj.
This devotion of Vrindavan Dham is the devotion of nectar. Mainly the vanis written by Rasik saint are in Braj Bhasha, which is somehow difficult to understand for English and Hindi speaking people. In this website, you can read them with a clue of meanings and relish the nectar. I apologize for touching the matter of Rasik saints, which is out of reach of everyone’s mind except the rasiks. I translated certain verses as per my understanding only.
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